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WPTA Can Help You Develop or Revise Your Debt Policy

You can safeguard (or even improve) your municipality’s credit rating while protecting your entity and staff.

A good debt policy helps to accomplish all this and more – and WPTA can help you develop or revise your debt policy.

Today it’s perhaps more important than ever to have a debt policy in place... Why?

For example, here's what Moody's says:

"General obligation credit ratings do not generally move up in boom times and fall in recessions. One of the main factors behind this stability is the proven ability of governmental managers to implement strategies that maintain credit strength over the long-term… Formalized debt planning and debt policies provide bondholders with reassurances that debt burdens and operational debt costs will be kept at manageable levels while ongoing capital needs continue to be met."

Here’s how WPTA can help – visit our Debt Policy page. You’ll find a sample debt policy and guidelines – and when you’re ready to have your policy certified, you’ll find the application form there too.

For more information, please contact Debt Policy Certification Chair, Svein Braseth, svein.braseth@tre.wa.gov.

WFOA 2015 Non-Conference Training Opportunities

The mission of the WFOA Education Committee is to provide Washington public entities and their staffs with professional training in finance, budgeting, accounting, reporting, and other relevant fields.

Mission Statement

To promote the profession of municipal treasurers in the state of Washington through education, mutual support, professional recognition, and legislative advocacy.